Friday, March 20, 2015

Senior Year & my first Grad

 Only another month and we will be seeing our First child Graduate from High School.  Writing this seriously has me on the edge of tears. I remember like yesterday when he started school when he was younger. I was one of the moms that cried through out the summer with the anticipation of him going to school. I was the mom that was crying in the hall taking him to his first day. Gosh how time has gone by so very very fast!!!   This is going to be a hard one for the protective mommy that I am. I have had a lot of different emotions about this. I want to pause time. I want to go back in time, I want to go back in time and take more time.  The things I ask myself; have I been a good enough, have I taught him enough about the world, about God, about life.  I guess as a mom, I could ask a million questions, but I think the evidence is in what a sweet, caring young man he has become.  We have given him all the love in the world and that will go on forever. I will always be his mother!!
I wish I could keep him under my roof just a little longer, but this is where I have to trust in God. that He will always protect him, and lead him.  This is where we will see him blossom even more in his life as he pursues his career.   He has been a wonderful joy and blessing, he is my hugger, teases me when he can because he knows I fall for anything, He is bigger than his dad and can wrestle him down, he loves and adores his sisters... and also picks on them and annoys them.  They both very much look up to him, adore him, and pick on him right back.

 My son, I love you and am so very proud of you and what you have become and what you are becoming!!  This thing we call life can be an amazing journey. Hang on to God and no matter what he will walk with you and lead you through out all your decisions in life!! 

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