Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shifting Change..Walk by Faith

Lately I have been spending about 5-6 hours a day studying for Real Estate.  I have not taken much time till now but I have realized recently that when school is done, mommy is going to be working. This will be the first summer I have not had the privilege of being home with my kids.  Kinda hit me thinking that I may need to find day care for Grace.  That makes me sad. I know many moms have had to do this. But for me I have not had to use day care for my job for any of my kids. I have been very lucky I could take them to work with me the 12 years I had my dance business. Not to mention summers off. Life will definitely be shifting & changing around here and I for one honestly do not know if I am ready for that. I treasure being home for my kids and I know for a fact they love me being here because they tell me often! I know my husband also appreciates me being here and always available. With him working in another city it pretty much all falls on me. But I believe God is also working on a new plan for him as well. Right now I know a lot of work is happening, but with out all the work there can not be the changes that we need to have. I know and feel that right around the corner absolutely everything is going to be falling into place.  

I'm excited that I am on track with my on line real estate courses and tests. I am almost done with the on line and will be in class in just 2 more weeks. It is so much harder than I ever imagined it would be. But I pray it is all worth it. I really felt God leading me in this direction when other doors just were not opening. I need to be doing something I love to do, and I believe this is something I would enjoy. I do hope however that this summer I can work some part time hours, or maybe have Fridays off. I don't know how that works, but I sure hope it will all work out for me. 

For now I will just focus on what I need to do to get through the studies, I need to trust the process will all fall into place!!!  

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