Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Prom

 My sons first Prom!! Boy times have sure changed since I was younger!! Now it is a huge deal to go to Prom with a big group and seems to be a must do to have a limo too.. I love to see these kids having so much fun, an oh boy do they drop the $$ on this one night of fun! But still great memories of the good old high school years are all worth it!

His best buddies!! can't wait to see where these 3 go in life as they grow up!!

I am so proud of my Son and what a great young man that he has become. He is so kind and thoughtful of others and has such great qualities about him that I love so much! Even though he is 6 foot tall, he is still my biggest hugger of all. Always has a hug for his mom!! I love that! 
Luv you Bay!

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