Monday, October 21, 2013

My Hero..

Recently I got home to visit my family and spend time with my gramps! This man means the world to me. He helped in the raising of me when I was a little girl and we really grew close and have always had a very special bond between the two of us. Sadly, my gramps has not been well. In fact many ups and downs. He has had emphysema for many years. This disease affects the lungs. So it seems the past few years he has had a lot of up's and down's with this. This summer on top of that, he got west nile. He got really really sick. The Dr's basically told him he was not going to make it. The priest was in the hospital room and all our family around him, we thought he was going to heaven. He pulled through a few more days and the hospital sent him home with hospice care. I have visited home many times during his up's and down's since June.  On one of his really bad days, I had to say good bye not knowing if I would see him alive again he said to me "Go live your life kid, because time goes so very fast, do things you really want to do and be happy".  This always sticks in my mind. He is 90 and he says his life has gone so fast.
Recently I got home to visit him again and this time he was having a great week. This is a total miracle to see him sitting up, talking, and his witty self was so great!! He is very sharp and knows everything that is going on.  He is still a contractor, "working", bringing homes in on his land, remodeling, and selling them. Yep that is him. He is determined and still "has more to do".   He has fought the west Nile which hardly no one his age has has ever done especially with his condition. This man is strong willed, Determined, has never left my side, has loved me no matter what and he is truly my HERO!! My Gramps!! xxoo

This pumpkin my aunt grew in her garden. This one was Gramps and he knew exactly how it needed to be

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