Friday, October 11, 2013

Great Devotional book

I have decided to pick up Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer.  I have felt my thoughts and things that I think about just seem to be a struggle in my own mind. There are so many things that as woman we can get pulled from one direction to the next.  It is easy to fall into believing certain things are true, or not true either about ourselves, or about others around us.  But in reality the enemy absolutely loves to play with our thinking on a daily basis. It is his way to detour us from God's plan for our lives!   I am also an emotional driven person. Meaning too many time than none many of the decisions I make are really based on how I am feeling emotionally at the time. I am slowly and I mean slowly trying to not let my emotions guide what I do or say...but rather think on things longer before making such decisions.  If I think back I have probably always been an emotional decision this change I am trying to make is definitely going to probably take me a life
Anyway I think this book is really great. It is simple, easy to read and very much to the point. Surely makes you think about how we all face battles in our minds, but the truth is always in God.

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