Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo date with Amanda

Goofing around with film...taking my beautiful daughter out for a photo date.....We had a fun time, till we started running out of light! Here are a few of my faves ! These are the moments I treasure ...alone time with each of my kids i know is a must.

 Amanda has the most amazing personality I have ever know. She is always so positive about things.
We all know how hard middle school can be. The  pressures, expectations from teachers, homework loads and dealing with other personalities. Amanda is a leader and seems not to follow others, she stands her ground and on her beliefs, sticks up for people when they are being bullied, and seems to always carry a positive attitude as much as possible. Yes she has her we all do....but I can tell you one thing that I think is so great that I admire about her......It never matters how someone els may be acting, grouchy or mad..,  she will just brush it off and not let it ruin her day or her mood!   I told her the other day that I love that about her and how hard that is to do. I really think that is a great quality to have.   I told her I wish that I could do more of that with my own life. xxoo

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