Monday, September 10, 2012

A Few Summer Highlights....

With Terry working his new job and a very busy summer season for him he did not have an opportunity to take time off so my girls and I took a road trip to go visit mom and have a little time by her pool side. It was great to see my family while home, especially my grandparents who I am so lucky to have in my life!! I realize more and more how lucky I was to have grandparents in my life while growing up, and I have many great memories I will forever cherish with them. 

 Big sister is always teaching Grace something new...this week she worked on swimming and Gracie loved it!

The bond of these two sisters will never be broken!!!

our new dresses and excited to go out for dinner with grandma and papa!
 cherish the moments...No matter how big or small they are!!

 my two lovely Grandma's!!  Luved my time with you two!!

 My Grandpa... He is 89 years old and a spit fire!!. He has worked his tail off his whole life managing his own business which by the way he still works. I'm not sure what he would do if he was not building homes and selling them. Even with emphysema and his eye site slowly degenerating...he still has such a strong will to keep doing, keep going and making the best out of the day. Every time I see him I take a "self" pic with him..he always thinks it is hilarious !!!


Some hair extension fun!! Some liked it and some hated it...LOL..
 Soaking in the last weekend of the water park. We did not even come here all summer long..Guess I am not even sure was about 90 degrees..perfect day for it..and the kids especially had a good time. !!

 Gracie and Daddy tubing!!

How on earth are these two growing up on me soooo fast!!?? It has really hit me this summer that Bay has only 3 more years till he is off to college. Ok, so I will try not to think about it too much, but it's reality..The big question is ..."how do i still stay young"...LOL! Yeah I know one day I will look in the mirror and say "yikes I look old"..

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