Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sisters Baby Shower

It's a GIRL!!! Can you tell Im so very excited to meet my sweet little neice?
I thought I would share a few photos from my sister Mandi's baby shower. This is her first baby and yes we are all so excited that we will be welcoming a sweet baby girl into the family! She is not due till mid November so we have just a little longer to wait to hold this sweet little angel.

 Mandi and our Momma

Mandi with Mother in Law- One of the sweetest ladies i know...and proud to see her very first grandchild!

Let the games begin...The pooop game..yuk...gross...My little neice (brothers girl) taking a good little wiff

 The super mom game...while someone distracts you (grandma) you need to talk on the phone, hold baby, and get the cloths on the line in speedy time! This is our aunt Sandy!

 Here is mom giving it a try and of course was the SUPER MOM WINNER!

Cousin photo
 this time lets get the orange out of our mouth

 our sweet gramps just soaking it all in, thinking we are all nuts while playing the games..

Mandi and I with our aunt Sandy ...shhhh Im her favorite neice!! lol

I love my sister more than anything! I am so proud of her and her husband for what they have become and so happy they are giving me a precious neice. :-) Love you BOO BOO!!

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