Monday, December 13, 2010

A new season of job....big adjustments

This week has been a big week..and a very tough one to say the least. Yes life could always be worse. (that is the part of me that always thinks no matter what I really have no excuse to complain at all!!). But for us right now..things are not exactly easy. Lets face it, change is not always easy.  Terry has been in his new job now for a week, and now starting week two. He was a little choked up after leaving his office here after 15 years. He invested allot of time and heart into our community and I believe he sure made a difference. As I drive around I am reminded of some of the great projects he did here to make our town look much better! I know it was hard for him to say good bye and yet at the same time he has said he has been ready for many years for a job change change. He is ready for more advancement and opportunity, and not to have a appointed position any longer!

This leaves our whole family with many changes to get use to. I think for me the biggest thing is that my husband will be gone many more hours than what we have all ever been use to. I will worry about his travel each day. He will spend 15 hours a week on the road just driving from work to home and that is if the conditions are good.  I will have to learn to leave it in God's hands because there is certainly nothing I can do about it. Your probably wondering why we do not move there right? We just never planned on that being a part of his job change. 

My heart breaks for a couple personal reasons. We seriously had a great schedule for so long, we both new it. I miss the schedule we had. We could not have had it better as far as flexibility of him being home by 4pm each day. We are a couple that loves to be together. Lunch dates and all.  Am I good with change? I guess my answer would be not when the change is not an easy one. But he has to be happy in his job too and this is a change that he wanted and felt he needed to do.  The weight for me seems to be much heavier to take care of things here at home, kids, and running my business on my own. I have been extremely on overload. Feelings of being overwhelmed and not liking this at all this past week. Yes I am a big girl, I know I can do it because you can really do anything when you have to right?

The truth is we have both been ready for a "change". I had just truly imagined it would be an exciting change for us all. I know for NOW this is just a season in our life and surely is not something that will last forever! It is not the easiest by any means, and not exactly what I had in mind, but it is not the worse thing in the world either. For now it is what it is!

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The One Who Pens said...

Hang in there! Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you! May He bless you richly for your obedience to His call for change.