Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Making cookies for Santa...
 Every year we look forward to Daddy making his home made potatoe soup. It cooks all day and after we go to church on Christmas Eve we come home and get to enjoy it! Yum yum. This is one tradition that has lasted for 13 years.
 Thanks Chef Terry!!
 Then after we eat...we let the kids open gifts on Christmas Eve. We do it the slow way...So we start with the youngest child who gets to open one first, then we keep going. I love this tradition because we get to see what each person gets and the expression on their faces is priceless!

Every gift that Gracie got she would say "I've never seen this before" LOL, it was so funny!
 My awesome 14 year old...hanging back to wait to open his next gift!

 This was one of the hits of the night..A new kitchen!!
 My sweet Amanda...
A million dollar smile!!
How and when did my son get taller than me?? It is crazy really crazy how the years go by so very fast. Bailey is my hugger..always always has a hug for me!! He will be taking his driving test this coming Tuesday..Yikes!!
 We all do this right..putting the gifts together..Get out the tools!!

 We have to remember Mom's home made peach pie too..
 By the end of Christmas Eve we can't forget to put out the cookies for Santa!
The kids woke the next morning to see that "Santa" had come to the house. Gracie was especially excited to see a big Princess castle tent. I don't think Santa realized how it would take up the whole living room.
:-) Then later that afternoon we joined my brother at his home for a great Christmas dinner. Usually in the past we get out the china and have a candle light dinner here. We are still going to do that, but on sunday instead. My brother and his wife were great hosts! Im so glad for the invite and the time we got to spend together. The kids all had a blast spending time just playing and creating sweet memories..(more pics to come of Christmas day)


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Kelly said...

It looks like a wonderful family Christmas celebration--happy new year to you and your family!!