Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ethiopia-Dresses for Orphans update

As we packed up the dresses neatly, my daughter and I were talking about the little girls who would receive them, and we could imagine in our minds the joy they would feel. But now to see their photos, to see their faces is absolutely breath taking!! I have tears welling up inside of me. My emotions are high. I feel happy, sad, full of joy, heart broken, & I am burdened to do more...This baby girl is wearing a dress that was my daughter Gracie's...What an amazing feeling to see this sweet little miracle. Oh how I wish I could hold her and bring her to our family today! :-) I pray she has a forever family very soon.

(a little back story for those that don't know)...Last fall my heart was overflowing with a desire to do something for the children in Ethiopia. Soon God connected me with a wonderful group of people that are doing amazing things in Ethiopia. To hear all of their stories of how things are coming together for this organization (Look Development) is amazing to me. But then again God is amazing. I know one day I will take a mission trip to Ethiopia, but in the mean time we began gathering donations from families to collected Dresses for Orphans. God really had the number 200 in my head..and yes there were over 200 dresses donated by families. Today I got an email from my sweet friend Amanda showing us some of the dresses that made it on their trip this summer. This made my day and I know I will stare at these photos alot!  At the same time of their trip they were in the process of adopting and bringing home two children. It was a very busy time for them, but still they managed to get some photos of the girls. Since they had so much to pack the rest of the dresses will go with her husband Matt on their next trip in December. Of course I can not wait to see photos again this winter..
 Both my daughters helping pack all the dresses up neatly...

 I love this photo showing Amanda giving this sweet girl a bracelet, a flute, and her dress

A message from Amanda "Thank you with all my heart to the loving kindness you put to action to make dresses a reality for so many little girls! What an inspiration it was to these little girls to hear the story of your dance studio & to be given a dress and to know a little girl on the other side of the world had shared with them. Many of these little girls have never worn anything but rags... The excitement from the dresses was priceless! What JOY you all have given! "
"It was a little overwhelming as you will see in the photo's with SO many children at Look Development. We did the best we could being so consumed in the moment to get some photo's :) Thanks again for your making this happen for these little girls! More photos to come when Matty goes this winter!"
"THANK YOU and may the Lord bless you and your girls!"

Here is Amanda's husband Matt. While in Ethiopia they were bringing home two children..Here he is holding his sweet son Gideon! What a little miracle he is !
 SOme of the children waiving goodbye to the Desarro's
  This woman loves all the children and runs the orphanage! Bless her heart for all she does!!
Please continue to pray for the children you see here. If you would like to know more about Look Development, donate, or sponsor a child please visit there web site at www.lookdevelopment.org


Jodene Shaw said...

Tina, thank you so much for sharing this story and the photos...of course I was scanning just to see if I could recognize one of the dresses I'd sent. I'd love to see a little face to connect with! ...perhaps in December... but no matter what, I love that you shared! My heart too was deeply moved hearing from Amanda! Soon the ladies in our church will be sending quilts they have made for Look Development.
Love & grace to you!

Jen said...

This is such an awesome idea! The pictures bring a smile (and tears) to my eyes.