Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Age Gap ....between kids

I thought this was a great time to answer some of those questions I have been asked before. Plus it gives me something to talk about. So I have been asked before how the age gap has been between our kids. I get many comments that say they see the love in our kids :-). 

It seems when couples are thinking about adding another child to their families they (we) usually consider the ages of the other children. Most the time I think people assume that the closer in age they are will cause them to be emotionally closer to on another. But if you think of the people you know now as adults some that are close in age are close in relationship and some can not stand eachother. I also know some people that have many years between their sister or brother and you pretty much have the same statistic ....really it must be a 50/50 chance of sibblings being close through childhood and into adult hood and I really do not think years between a siblings makes or breaks it.  I feel it has more to do with how they are raised!  For us, we knew God was leading us to add a third child to our family through adoption. We knew this for many years until we knew when it was right.  Yes we definetly talked about the age gap and wondered how that would be. After all one being 10 and the other 13 was a big gap for sure! :-) But the feeling of knowing we are to have another child over road the fears of the age gap. I guess we just knew it would work out. Both the older kids have always totally been on board with having a little sister..there excitement has always been amazing! The day they saw their little sisters photos they were  100% in love. It has been awesome to see our two older ones love for her. THey adore her, and she completly adores them. She has them wrapped around her little tiny pinky!!!  So for our kids...the age gap has been nothing but a great thing.

For my husband and I.....It would be a lie to say it is not a change going from being use to two older kids to now having a little one again..But honestly it is nothing major at all.  When your heart is ready for another child, a baby, you adjust your life to make things work.  Some of those changes that stand out to me were at first the lack of sleep (thankfully that phase did not last long at all),  not getting out the door as quickly as we use to and packing  all your baby stuff with you, (that is also much better now that she is 2 ) and for me not being able to just come and go as I was use to doing.  I would have to say I am still getting adjusted to that one. All of this is really nothing major. It is just the things you change for a short time.  They truely are only little once and it goes very quickly. I cherish the little color time, playing on the floor with farm animals, taking walks to the park, playing dolls, and having tea party's .  These are the times you cherish and these are the times that go wayyy to fast! 

Thank you for letting me share my heart.

My next question I will answer will be
"How did you start the adoption process?"

I love this photo so much because they did not know I was taking  them....:-) So precious!!

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Anonymous said...

This was really interesting and that picture is the sweetest!
Our youngest daughter was almost 10 when we adopted Lily from Korea last year. She fits into our family so beautifully and I can tell your little one does too:)