Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Heart Surgery #2=Success

Seems this past 12 days has been one that has been a total whirlwind for us. First just getting through all the prep and work for graduation party, which we did with great success!!  Then after the party we had one day to clean up, pack and hit the road to be heading down the road on a long trip to get my son the best care for yet another heart surgery.  We knew this time we were taking him to a better place, one of the very best. The day leading up to was a little nerve racking. Always hearing risks with any surgery can freak a person out a little, But we just had to give it to God and trust in his safety and careful watch over our son. The first time he had catheter ablation it was 7 hours in the O.R. Now that puts a mom on the edge of her seat.  But then to hear it did not go as the Dr hoped was a big disappointment.  This time at the Mayo in Rochester Mn. the Dr took a little over 2 hours and it was a huge SUCCESS!! They had Bailey asleep the entire time unlike here locally, they had him in and out for the process which was grooling especially when putting catheters through the neck and groin.  All around this time was an absolute better experience for him.  He woke up and it was all done, and done correctly!!  Today a week out Bailey is doing great. Feeling pretty good and I knew for him to hear good news afterwards that it would greatly impact how well and fast he would recover.  If in doubt with anything always always seek another doctors advice. We are so glad we did.

Thank you every one that took time out of your day to pray for our son. We are so thankful at how things turned out for him!!

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