Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother Day Hike To Devils Bathtub

This Mothers Day My family took me to the place I have wanted to hike for a couple of years. Devils Bathtub is an amazing hike. Not really marked fully by a "trail", you basically find your way to the top and end up crossing the water about 14 times. This water is freezing cold. But lucky for us this Mother's Day was  in the 80's. Great perfect weather and that is not typical for this time of year. After our hike we changed and went out to dinner.  I would have to say that this Mother's Day was the best on record!! Thank you family for making me feel so special!! 

Crossing the water was not always easy. But it was fun. Grace being only 4 did amazing, she did not need carried at all, she hiked up and down by herself. Except for crossing the water, the boys just handed her off to each other and she thought it was so fun!

 I have been blessed with the very best kids in the world. I feel so lucky to have such amazing children!

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