Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Can anyone tell me why I can not post pictures anymore. Google blogger is telling me I have hit my photo limit. Really? Has anyone had this problem ? If so How do you get it to work again..Thanks so much!


Cindy said...

Try adding storage. See here -

I ran into this on mine a while back and increased my storage by purchasing a bulk addition. Also, you could in the future size your pictures down b/f uploading them to help conserve your space usage. I do this now, too.

Hope this helps! I'm just another adoptive mommy (Korea) who ran across your blog years ago! :)

Dizzy said...

I had this too. You get a certain amount for free. Then you need to purchse more space. It is really cheap, I think 10 or 20 dollars for basically as much as you'll need for quite a few years. You go into your google account and all the info is there how to increase your picasso photo account. (It was a while ago I did it and I cant remember exactly the steps) This is where photos are stored if you upload them direct from your computer to your blog. Hope this helps.

jason7744 said...

Google Limits: 1GB for pics

How to increase limits ($$ needed)

Hope it helps..Jason from Korea

Alice said...

I've run across the same thing, try looking here:

Blogger allows 1 GB of storage space for pictures and stores them on Picasa.

This link will tell you how to get more storage, the cheapest is $30 a year. You can also try deleting unnecessary photos from your Picasa album, or making sure the photos you store there are low resolution - 50 KB per picture would let you keep 20,000 photos in 1GB of storage space.

Just stumbled across your blog while I was trying to find the answer. Your daughter is adorable, and such a blessing to you I'm sure. One of my friends adopted an amazing daughter - Choi - from Korea, 28 years ago!

Best of luck to you. I blog at - haven't been too active lately. Hoping to get started again!