Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being a full time homemaker...

Well it is hard to believe it is already the middle of January. Seems this fall went very fast. Last year at this time I was choreographing a big spring show and had about 24 dances waiting to be created by me. Lets say ..HIGH STRESS.  I have to admit that I certainly do not miss that stress of what this time of year use to bring us each year where that is concerned. But I do definetly miss my students, I miss teaching them, and I miss being able to express myself through my dance.  Something no one understands unless you have walked in the shoes of a dance studio owner.

 Being home full time has had huge benifits for my kids, I can see it. Although finacially sometimes I feel guilty like I should be working. I can tell the two older kids like me being here more.  Although they are both usually busy with their own things just like a teenagers are, they still know Im here. While Gracie gets me all day long :-).  Sometimes winter days seem to get long when we can not get outside to play, so I have to be creative with play things, but I have also been tossing the idea around of preschool classes for her for the rest of the winter. It would be just two days a week and only 2.5 hours.   I remember Amanda being at the studio and making little friends in her dance classes. But with Gracie, all my friends children are either older , or much younger..I think she needs preschool not only to learn and challenge her, but also a way for us to meet some little people and make new friends! She is a social butterfly, loves kids, plays so good with them, and I just know she would probebly love it. Im really proud of the two older ones...Amanda is in her first play that will be this spring and doing great in school, and Bailey is having fun playing basketball for the highschool...Highschool games are so much fun!

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