Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where Have I Been...

Wow I can not believe I have not blogged for over a month now..I use to live for blogging. Many people have asked me where I have been. Truth is I have a zillion irons in the fire right now. Life seems to be bogging me down alot. My personal life has been through some stress, I'm trying to prepare my students for our spring production and every year I wonder why I keep doing this when it gets to be so much pressure and stress on me. Im the only one that can pick out costumes, choreograph the dances and put the whole thing together. This is my 11th year and it is wearing on me. BUT, I love the kids and love to dance I can't imagine my life with out it either. So this time of year it is what it is!! Well, on top of that I have commited myself to a personal fitness challenge. I have wanted to do this for a long time, but finally had the guts to tell myself to dig my heels in and do it. I have decided to enter a fitness competition. I have been spending about 15 hours a week in the gym trying to make big changes in my body, to be healthy, toned, and fit. I have had interesting reactions from people along the way of this goal. Some of my family or friends never even ask me about it at all it is my goals are coming alone, or how the diet is going. Even though I have dropped about 19 inches and almost 16 pounds some still say nothing! Then I have some family and friends are huge support..they want to know what Im doing, want to know about the competition and how Im feeling! They are my cheerleaders and support system that are getting me through this.  The true friends are the ones that are still by your side no matter what you look like! They support your goals and dig in with you!  So to let you know where I have been I have been doing life..busy with my work ..and my goal...My two year old keeps me on my toes. No matter what we are doing she is dragging out a zillion things around the house and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our nanny is working out good in the afternoons so that I can go to work. Basket ball season will end this weekend for Bailey , so we won't have that taking up our weekends. It is nice to watch him, but it is nice when they are done for the season too. Gracie has an apt his week to see if her collar bone is healed. She has done great with having to wear that brace!
She went to dance class yesterday with me and joined in with the little preschoolers..Here is a picture of my sweetie pie. I will try to keep in touch more..blessings!!

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