Friday, December 26, 2008

Wonderful Christmas

We hope you all had a great Christmas Season! Ours was Awesome! We of course are excited to look forward into 2009. The excitement is building and this morning I woke up in great anticipation of our little ones arrival. I'm excited for that calendar to say January!! This is when our referral should come. Terry and I will be "on call" all month. I don't think I will sleep!

FYI...A "referral" is when Holt will call us and tell us they have matched a baby with our family!! They will give us all of our babies information that will include baby's Korean name, weight, birth date, family information, health information and how the baby is doing with her/his foster family in Korea. They will over night all the info to us that we can look over. Photos will be immediately emailed to us, and also in our over night package. After our "referral" we will send in a I600A form that must go through immigration, this is to allow us to bring our baby to the U.S. This does take some time which is what delays travel 2-4 months.

I know that after we get our Referral, and we have to wait 2-4 months to hold our baby this will be ultimatly the hardest thing to do. The wait will be very very hard. We will spend it getting ready for the baby, getting the room ready and buying all the new baby things. I have no baby things left at all. I really pray the arrival does not take long and our baby is home before May. Please also join me in that prayer! It would mean the World to me!!

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